We are identical twin sisters and our goal is to ignite a passion in people to help our native wildlife.

The key to conservation is the education of the younger generation. 

About Us

Bridget and Sophie Thomson

Born in 1995, we had the best idols growing up in the wildlife scene. Steve Irwin, Allan Burnett (Owner of RADOA) and our parents.

Throughout high school we both realised a normal 9-5 job just wouldn't suit us.

So I, Bridget, went on to do a Wildlife Science degree at the University of Queensland. During the years at university I did a Snake handling course, just to gain practical skills, and well I fell in love. 

At this time Sophie had already completed a Dog training course and started her own dog training business.

After I graduated I decided what I wanted to do and started to create this business which could be better described as my life.

Now I am pulling Sophie to the WILD SIDE, to help me train and spread our message! We have big plans and dreams. 

My advice strap in, hold on tight and of course lets all be Fauna Friends! 

ABN 60 865 294 874

Phone 0488 579 163

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